The Future of Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin have been very volatile since the year 2013. Initially it was trading between 10 and 15 dollars but very soon its prices were raised to almost 1163 dollars and that too in the same year 2013. Soon afterwards however, the prices dropped to 200 dollars but then again they ascended to a higher rate once again. In the year 2017, bitcoin gained popularity among the Chinese due to its simplicity and ease of transaction and its trading reached to 1140 dollars.

Although, no one knows for sure nor can anyone can guarantee regarding the future of bitcoins but most of the people however agree that there is a very bright future of bitcoins.

Bitcoin has high chances of a good future because of the protocol it carries with it. For many people, infact most of them protocol matters much more than the money. Both the money and the protocol are part of it and since bitcoin will evolve itself as a protocol.

It is thought that with time, the buying process of bitcoin will become easier and simpler than it really is at the moment. The indications point out that with time, the process of buying will get simpler as time passes.

It is also said that in many countries including the United States of America, the trade of bitcoins as a regular currency will be regulated.

For a better future of the bitcoins, there obviously needs to be more acceptance for the fact that bitcoins are there. For example, if you go in a shop and ask them if they deal bitcoins, they will obviously say no but if you do the same thing and ask 10 other buyers the merchant will definitely think in a different way. This might bring about a great acceptance about bitcoins.

In most places, person to person payment is not an option. In these places, bitcoin will love to be adopted. There is a very large population who does not have access towards bitcoins. With the coming years, this will be changed and bitcoins will become popular worldwide.

It is also known that in a few years, the Remittance World will feature a great deal about bitcoins. This can give great popularity to the bitcoins. With the passage of time, snap payments for freelancers and websites will also be enabled which will bring about a great acceptance of bitcoins.

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