The Instability of Bitcoin in 2019… and 2020?

Bitcoin in 2020 has never been more popular as a form of payment and transactions. The cryptocurrency has gained a mass of users in recent years as its commonality has increased worldwide on an unbelievable scale. It has been called the technology of the future by some experts, though many are still hesitant to make such a bold claim due to its erratic behavior. It has also been posited that it could potentially, a very skeptical ideal, become the main source of currency around the world in the future.

Despite these claims made by some individuals, the risk associated with Bitcoin in 2020 is still very present. A number of people have taken to investing in bitcoin long term. This is done in order to be a part of a possible increase in value given the limited supply produced. The production of the cryptocurrency will stop at a certain amount – meaning that, theoretically, it could become worth more depending on a lot of factors that aren’t reliable by any means. It is advised that people approach with caution in their investments of bitcoin.

There is also the problem of bitcoins fluctuating value as it varies from time to time, even day to day, with little notice to the person who owns the stock. Bitcoin in 2020 will change in an unpredictable way that can’t be planned ahead. Often the value can drop by thousands of dollars on the market only to resurface later to its original state. The unforeseeable change is a common flaw of Bitcoin in 2019 and has proven a source of hesitation for many.

The risks though have not been enough to stop people from investing in Bitcoin in 2020 – and every day more do with all these issues in mind. Investments are made in the hopes that the currency will become a more valuable asset than other methods of transactions and money. This relies heavily on Bitcoin remaining a fairly common means of transaction and that it will even expand its reach to more and more average people in the world – possibly, as some hope, becoming a staple.

Bitcoin in 2020 is a new and generally erratic means of making transactions. The idea behind it has been subject to criticism by economists everywhere due to its instability and lack of long term strategy. There is always the possibility that Bitcoin could continue to grow significantly as a means of payments, but a lot of experts are avoiding an endorsement because of all the flaws in play.

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